A divorce is never easy, but it does not need to cost the earth. What it does need is cooperation and a sensible approach by both parties.

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Our approach to Divorce is to avoid the need to attend Court. Court is costly, stressful and drawn out.

There are two stages to a Divorce. We have the Divorce itself which is the legal process which results in your Decree Absolute. We also have the financial separation which is often the more complex element of the procedure.

We only assist clients with their Divorce in specific circumstances.

Our aim is to avoid the need to attend Court. This means working closely to obtain draft the content of the Divorce Petition. This means tackling some emotional subjects, but you will receive support.

Our aim also requires a commitment on both sides to achieve a sensible financial settlement. Both parties need to be open to suggestions, and open to the negotiations. We will help you through the negotiation and you will receive honest advice throughout.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch. The first step is to discuss your circumstances, how we approach our Divorce cases and we can decide if we are the right firm for you.